SharePoint Online is a part of Office 365 and offers an application for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Workflow, Collaboration and Record Management in one integrated solution.

In order to use SharePoint Online efficiently organizations much capture this content — document and data — from a wide range of sources: scanners, e-mail, portals, smartphones, etc., and deliver them fast to the right Site/Library/Folder in SharePoint Online.

That is where Sphereon deliver its value. Wherever documents originate from, Sphereon will capture them through e-mail import, professional document scanners, desktop scanners, multi-function peripherals (MFPs), smartphones or portal uploads.

Using advanced classifications- and data capture software Sphereon processes these documents and extracts the data. After validation the documents and data will be delivered to the selected back-end applications.

Integration with Office 365

Sphereon offers two methods to integrate with Microsoft Office 365:

Native SharePoint Webservices

Sphereon’s interface offers support based on SharePoint’s native web services.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

An ESB enables integration between systems by offering a standard gateway to exchange and transform messages with data between systems. The ESB manages the routing of the messages between the end-points. It uses many standard protocols, which makes is independent from the specific applications and technologies.

Significant lower costs

The ready-to-run platform, quick activation of processes, low management cost and the uso of Open Standards and Open Source components, all lead to dignificant lower costs. En the quick roll-out of new and optimized processes also lead to a very fast ROI.