Document Scanning is a speciality that we know everything about!

Scanning large volumes of documents has special requirements. The right scanners, the right drivers, the right software setup. A successful project requires knowledge and experience for a successful implementation.

MagSoft has the knowledge and the experience!

We have been successfully implementing high-quality, high-performance scanning solutions for many, many years. We are up-to-date on the latest developments and technologies in the field. We use them daily.

MagSoft loves to give good advise.

We are professionals, some of us even geeks 😉 We love to give good advise. We first look at what you want to achieve, then at the documents: the quantities and qualities, colors, etc.

Then we are happy to provide you a solid advise, explaining the pro’s and con’s and the alternatives. We are also happy to assist you the selection of the right scanners and help you implement the solution.

Multi-Function Printers (MFP)

A special mention on the popular MFPs. Almost all offer scanning functions, combining high-quality scans with possibilities to send them through FTP or email to users, servers and applications. A big benefit is that every organization already has them.

But they also have disadvantages. For example the easy of use (not) of scanning large batches of documents: you will have to scan each (multi-page) document individually, you cannot scan a batch of documents in one go. Also, most models will “optimize” the scanned document before sending it: in most cases they compress and convert the document with ‘lossy’ algorithms, losing valuable image quality and information.

We will be happy to explain why this is important and the alternatives.