Faster, better and at significant lower costs

A Digital Mailroom solution will enable your company to work faster, with better results and at a significant lower costs. This is possible by replacing the manual tasks of sorting and distributing mail by automatic classification and routing. The digital mail will immediately be delivered to the right group or person — sorted and prioritized.
Employees will be much more productive because they can start working faster and more focused on the priority of the documents. It will make your organization more flexible and agile because you can monitor progress and workloads and manage processes better.

Not just paper

And by mail we do not mean just your paper mail, but, even more important, all digital mail, such as e-mail, faxes, mobile, uploads, etc: today more documents enter the organization through the generic e-mail mailboxes, like,,, etc.

Achieve significant savings on:

  • sorting the mail,
  • distribution of mail,
  • automatic replies to standard questions,
  • faster response to questions,
  • much less ‘lost’ documents.

Automatic sorting en routing

Using a Digital Mailroom solutions manages all documents that enter your organization. Paper mail will be scanned. E-mail and faxes will be imported. All documents will be automatically classified by our advanced, self-learning software, which will determine the document type. Based on the document type Sphereon will assign a priority and a delivery route for processing by the right person or group.

This automatic processing of mail will speed up all related processes and provide insight in their progress. Using automatic deadlines will prevent mail to be ‘forgotten’ or ‘lost’. An audit trail will help you to be compliant with the strict policies imposed on many organizations.

MagSoft has the knowledge and the experience!

We have been successfully implementing high-quality, high-performance Digital Mailroom solutions for many, many years. We are up-to-date on the latest developments and technologies in the field.
We even have won important Industry Awards with our project!