Our software platform has many applications:
from a fast document scanning solution to
multi-channel digital document processing,
enabling complex BPM workflows
used by thousands of users
across multiple organizations

  • Document Scanning

    Document Scanning enables the digitalization of all your paper documents: dossiers, invoices, mail, forms, service slips, receipts, drawings, and many more.

    It is easy to scan batches of documents in one go. Just feed them into a scanner, our software will do the separation, sorting, OCR and indexing. The documents and data can then be exported to MS SharePoint, Alfresco, MS Dynamics, SQL and other external systems.

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  • Document Processing

    Smart processing of your e-mail and other digital documents, as well as your analog, paper-based documents into you business processes and applications

    Start your business processes faster and complete them faster by automating the recognition of documents and extraction of data.

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  • Data Capture

    Documents contain data. We get exceptional results in extracting data from documents by using and combine different technologies and methods, such as OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, fuzzy search, Regular Expressions, Database Lookups and self-learning Knowledge Bases.

    We extract data from both structured documents, such as Forms and Questionairs, but also from more difficult unstructured documents, such as e-mail, corresondence, requests, complaints, invoices, orders, etc, where the data is not on a fixed spot, but can be anywhere in the document.

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  • Digital Mailroom

    A great example application is a Digital Mailroom app. Here, all your e-mails and documents are analyzed and based on their content and layout a Document type is determined. Based on the Document type each document is the distributed to the right group or person, with the appropriate priority. There, the document can be used to start a business process or be archived in a back-end system.

    A Digital Mailroom makes your organization much more flexible and responsive, at a significant lower cost.

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  • Microsoft SharePoint and Office365

    One of the keys of success is the integration of our software platform with other applications. Through CMIS and our ESB with other DMS, ECM and BPM systems and with many line-of-business applications.

    We specifically mention our tight integration with the Microsoft systems, such as SharePoint and Office 365, and Microsoft applications, such as Dynamics AX, CRM and NAV.

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