Professional scan software for daily office use

ORION ScanIT offers everything you need to scan your invoices, post, letters, forms, etc.

ORION ScanIT is a powerful and scalable system to scan, ocr, index and share documents. It allows you to use any professional document scanner to scan batches of documents, recognize content, add metadata and share them among your users. The documents and data can be published in Alfresco (using CMIS) or any other network server or backend application.

ORION ScanIT is focussed and efficient. This is reflected in the price.

The ORION ScanIT process consists of several logical steps:

  • SCAN – the documents are converted to digital images;
  • OCR – the images are converted to “Searchable PDF”;
  • INDEX & VALIDATE – the documents are checked and meta-data can be added;
  • STORE – the documents are send to a storage location.