Sphereon & Smart Document Processing

Smart Document Processing is at the core of Sphereon. It enables you to automatically process emails, scans, documents, faxes, tweets, etc.

Intelligent Document Separation

Off course you can scan documents as individual documents, but that is very inefficient and time-consuming. It is much more efficient to scan a big batch of documents in one go. This is no problem with the current scanning systems, but you will need to indicate how to separate the pages in individual documents. This is done through barcodes and/or special separation sheets. This is cumbersome as well.

Sphereon offers an Intelligent Document Separation function, which is smart enough to learn how to split a batch of pages in separate documents!

Automatic Classification

Based on the content and layout of the document, Sphereon is also able to automatically classify the document into one of many document types. Sphereon does this through either the Open Drools Business Rules System (BRMS) or self-learning Predictive Analysis technologies.