A Cloud Applicatie for Office 365 SharePoint. No need to install or maintain any software. Just start using.

How does a Digital Mailroom work?

Automatic E-mail import

E-mails are imported automatically, with their attachments, from mailboxes that you select.

Scan mail, forward faxes

Traditional mail is scanned, by a scanner or MFP/MFC, and forwarded to your Account.Faxes are forwarded to the same Account.

Automatic Recognition and Classification

All documents and email, with their attachments, are processed by our smart Digital Mailroom software and automatically sorted in Document Types based on their layout as well as content.

Document Type is key

This Document Type is the key entity in the Digital Mailroom app. This is where you set the  Delivery Location in SharePoint (Where does this document need to go?) and the Priority (How important is this document?) of the document.

Predictive, self-learning software

The Digital Mailroom app is self-learning using just a couple of sample documents and it’s powerful predictive algorithms to learn to recognize documents. The application becomes smarter over time.

Automatic distribution

When recognized the Digital Mailroom app will send the document to the selected folder in your SharePoint system or Office 365 SharePoint.

When a document cannot be recognized, the Digital Mailroom app will send the document to an Exception folder. There you can check the document and teach the Digital Mailroom app how to recognize it the next time.

Office 365 – SharePoint

After the distribution the documents are available in Office 365 or your own SharePoint environment, sorted on Type and Priority. There you or your IT partner can configure your own views, notifications or workflows for further processing or content management.


Document Capture

  • from 100 to 100.000 documents per day
  • Auto-import of email, scanners, faxen and mfps
  • Import through a RESTful API from other applications

Automatic, self-learning processing

  • With just a few samples per document type
  • Automatic recognition based on layout and content
  • Sorted on document type and priority

Transformation to

  • PDF, Searchable PDF, PDF/A
  • Color to black & white or grey-scale
  • Compression or scaling to a lower DPI

Content Storage

  • Directly to Microsoft Office 365 Folders
  • In your own Microsoft SharePoint environment
  • Or, using CMIS, to Alfresco, Nuxeo, etc.


  • As a Cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • As a Services through Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud Platform
  • As Hybrid Cloud: with part On Premise, part as Cloud

A Sphereon app

The Digital Mailroom app is a standard app based on the Sphereon platform. Sphereon is a powerful and scalable software platform for Smart Data Capture and Document Processing.