MagSoft are specialists for Smart Document Processing and Data Capture

Our goal is to provide smart solutions that help organizations to work faster and more efficient by eliminating the mundane manual tasks typically associated with processing documents.

We do this by providing solutions, based on our software platform Sphereon, combined with services from our technical specialists and domain knowledge of our professional partners.

Our own in-house software development team

Based on our more than 20 years experience in this field, we develop our software platform ourselves, in-house, with a experienced team of developers. We use Agile Scrum as a method with a 2-week sprint cycle.
Our number one rule in development is reliability: we want to deliver reliable software, that works as advertised.

Professional Partners

We know a lot about document processing and software development, but rely on professional partners to provide domain-specific knowledge and experience. In specific industries or branches, such as Higher Education, Health Care or Building Societies, or specific fields, such as Insurance, AP Invoices processing, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Dynamics.

Our commitment to our partners and customers is key to our success.